To the girl who is entering a new season

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As my freshman year in college comes to a close, my life is definitely not where I thought it would be. Like I had said in a previous post, this semester hit me hard; battling pneumonia, losing friends, harder classes, and the list could go on. But, when I was at my lowest point, small things in my life started to make it seem like life going up.

I had planned a typical college spring break trip with some of my best friends. Although, about a month before spring break, I cancelled the trip. I was at no point in my life where I could be going out every day and soaking up the sun, acting like my life was perfect, because it wasn’t. I still paid for the trip even though I wasn’t going (r.i.p. my bank account), and I was ready to head home.

The day before spring break started, I met with my bible study leader and she urged me to go on the trip with CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) to Florida. I knew there was no way I would be able to go for many reasons, one being we would leave in less than 24 hours of this conversation. Along with that, I didn’t have $400 to pay for another spring break trip. But, when asked if I would pay less than half, and they would fundraise the rest, I immediately said “yes”.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I was funded to go on the trip. This was just a small seed that was planted in my life and little did I know this trip was going to be life-changing. From the moment I stepped on the bus to go on the trip, I knew I was there for a reason. I spent 19 hours driving with about 130 people I had never talked to before.

I learned so much on this trip. I learned how to worship through song, to allow myself to be vulnerable with others, and how to properly apply sunscreen (after I was already burnt to a crisp). Not only did I learn new things about myself, but I was able to connect with others. I sat and talked and sometimes cried with people and grew closer to them.

God also put important people in my life on this trip. The girl I shared a room with all week, Rachel, taught me just as much as I learned from my small groups. Or Q, my small group leader for the week, who taught me how to think about things outside the norm, and always be able to laugh with it. Or Rom, the volunteer who showed me I am allowed to be a warrior and share my life with my community. And Derek, my boyfriend, who showed me vulnerability isn’t a weakness, and being able to share life with others is the reason we are here.

So, to the girl who is entering a new season, say “yes” to new experiences. If you have been in a dark season, know that the darkness can only be so dark before the light will shine through. As you enter a new season, remind yourself to focus on the little things. These things will eventually add up and your little things will soon turn into big things. This season will teach you something necessary for your life, whether it seems good or bad. Always be open to saying “yes” and never forget to let yourself be vulnerable.