To the girl who is beginning to face her fears

Our whole lives we are told that we are not supposed to do certain things because they could harm us in some way. And so, fears begin to develop.

I, along with a large majority of the world, have many fears. However, a lot of these fears are irrational. For example, I have a fear of throwing up. I obviously have thrown up before, but the idea of it freaks me out. The idea of not having control scares me more than anything. My mom always told me that FEAR stands for “Future Events Aren’t Real”, they are only in your head. But that’s what began to control me, the fears in my head I did not think I was able to control.

I also have a fear of guns, until last night actually. I have been wanting to learn how to shoot a gun and gun safety, because every time I see a gun, I tend to freeze up. So, last night, my dad and I had a private lesson at a gun range. My heart rate spiked just walking in there, but when the classroom part of the lesson started, I began to calm down. I learned how to hold a gun properly, the four universal rules of gun safety, and everything in between.

When our instructor said it was time to head to the range, my heart began to pound again. I wanted to turn around and leave, but by the time we were given the eye and ear protection, there was no turning back.

We walked into the range, and I took my first shot at the target. After that one, I wasn’t afraid anymore. I had learned everything I needed and after the initial shot, just like that, the fear was gone.

Although this was just one fear, saying “yes” to the lesson helped me overcome my fear. Just being able to say “yes” to one new thing has opened my eyes. I am now ready to say “yes” to every challenge or fear that is presented to me. There is the well-known cliché that says, “your life begins where your comfort zone ends”, and I believe that is now true. 

So, to the girl who is beginning to face her fears, take the leap and don’t let your fear hold you back. It may seem scary, but the outcomes tend to be more beneficial than staying in your shell. Say “yes” to new adventures that may frighten you, because you can only stay in your comfort zone for so long before life begins to get boring.