To the girl whose life is getting back to “normal”

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Normal is a relative term, let me state that first and foremost. What was normal June of 2019 is nothing June 2020 can relate to, but we are trying our best. We have begun to go out more, eat outside at restaurants, go shopping, and have pool days. Things we used to deem everyday activities have now become special events.

I have never been more excited to sit in the heat if it meant that I got to be with people outside of those who I live with. I now spend hours in outdoor seating at restaurants catching up from the past four months with friends and family. This is my new normal and I absolutely love it. I love making plans with people and spending intentional time with them; like putting my phone down and listening to their stories and sharing laughs with them.

I love having a routine again, going to work all day, coming home to eat dinner, sleep, and do it all again the next day. Although it is more tiring than the past two months of chilling at home, it is worth it to get a routine back. Life seems to be slowly becoming a new normal, one where we wear masks six feet apart, but can still get things accomplished. We can eat dinner a few feet from each other, while still appreciating every minute. This new normal is all about adjusting. We are learning to adjust our lives around COVID and make some changes for the better.

As much as I want life to be exactly as it was in February, it isn’t and that is something we all must accept. We may never stop having these safety precautions, and that is going to have to be okay. Maybe where we were five months ago isn’t where we are supposed to be. Maybe this cultural and societal change is what we needed to open our eyes to a better life. (In no way am I saying a pandemic is a good thing, but it for sure is an eye-opening experience for everyone involved).

We don’t have much control over what happens in our lives, but we must hope that it is all for the best. We must be grateful for the little things in life; coworkers buying us coffee, seeing a butterfly, or just a good day at work. Gratitude is what will make this crazy world seem a little more normalized. I try to find three things to be grateful for every day, even on the days where the last thing I want to do is be grateful. Because there are always things to be grateful for, even when you aren’t used to your normal. 

So, to the girl whose life is getting back to “normal”, enjoy every moment of it. Be present with others, because you can be on your phone any time of the day. Do your best in everything you do and try to put people first. Know that the normal you knew four months ago isn’t around anymore, it is time to accept our new normal and be grateful for it. Enjoy the surprises, the little things, and the new ordinary, because we never know where this new ordinary is going to take us.