To the girl who makes the most of her weekends

Summer is comprised of working an 8 to 5 job Monday through Friday, which I am not complaining about since many people have lost their jobs during this time. But, working a full-time job doesn’t leave much time for extra curriculars or a true sense of summer. So, it only seems to make sense to use up every second of the weekend to squeeze as much summer into your 2 free days a week.

Since quarantine began I am the first one to say that my inner introvert has peaked. While I love being around people, the past few months have also taught me that I love being with myself. Once I finished online school and knew my job would soon start, I didn’t think much about seeing people because it still wasn’t much of an option (at least not in my house). As I began working every day and I was able to get out of the house a little more, the last thing I wanted to do was spend my days solely going to work, then going home and doing it all over again. 

While I am still very cautious of who I see and spend my time with (“who is in your sphere” as my mom says), I am definitely ready to see more people and get back to school. While I am working every day, it is almost impossible to schedule time to see people on weekdays. If I do plan on seeing people on weekdays, I have become very strategic about making plans, so I don’t overwork myself (which happens very easily). 

For the beginning of summer, while I still was not allowed outside of the house, I would spend my weekends at the lake or at home, always with the same three people (aka my mom, dad, and sister). But, once my job switched to full time I needed to do things outside of my house and with my friends who I haven’t seen in months. This is when I decided that I must use my weekends to my advantage.  

So, I grabbed my car keys and began my many weekend adventures. By Wednesday of each week I have planned what my weekend will entail, and I count down the days to hop in the car and see people. Saturday and Sunday are the two days of the week where the rest of the world seems to not exist. I am so focused and present with the people I am with because I know I will only see them for a short period of time until the next trip I make. I think it is funny, I used to hate driving and I actually had driving anxiety, but now since I know the destination will be worth it, the fear seems to leave.

Since I have begun taking weekend trips, it makes me even more excited to get back to school. I am ready to get back into the groove of college life even with the pandemic. I am ready to see all my people in one place. And I am especially ready to spend more than just the weekend with them.

So, to the girl who makes the most of her weekends just keep going, log those miles, take that jump. When you are 20, your life shouldn’t need to be so wrapped up in the “real world” and a 40+ hour work week. You should be living life from a safe distance from others especially during a pandemic. It’s all about focusing on the little things in life to get you through the day. Continue to reach out to your friends, make plans, and be present! Some days life isn’t always going your way, but you need to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Or in my case, the exit at the end of the highway.