To the girl who is resting

As a society, we are taught that to rest is to give up and be seen as weak. We are taught that the only way to be successful in all aspects of life is to work as hard as we can and prove ourselves. But, when we think about it, we aren’t called to prove ourselves, we are loved unconditionally and given total grace by the Father without even having to ask for it. In all different books of the bible, we are called to rest, because even God rested. 

For example, a few weeks ago my friend was in a really bad car accident, luckily she was okay, but she did have to wear a neck brace for a while and was pretty sore. As I was checking up on her, she was really struggling with the idea of rest and how much this had messed up her plans. She was moving back to college two weeks later and all her plans seemed to be wrecked by this. As we were talking, I encouraged her to use this time she has to rest in what the Lord has planned for her. As hard as it is to rest sometimes, it may be just exactly what we need. (She is doing better and got her brace off if you were wondering).

I apply those same thoughts into my life. As I am also leaving soon, there is so much that I want to do. But, as all my friends are returning back to school for sorority spirit week before recruitment starts, it is hard as I am stuck in my house waiting for my program to begin. There is so much I have put on my to-do list before I head out but there seems to be no time to do any of it. 

If you know me or have gathered some thoughts about me over the past 2 years, I like to have control of what I am doing. I try to make the most of my time and be as productive as possible, especially when I’m given a timeframe. However, I have been struggling with the idea that all my friends are all together again and I am stuck at home (obviously before my amazing adventure begins, but still). Last night I was lying in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep, and this idea of needing to rest popped into my head. It quickly became apparent to me that the rest is just as important as the work, even when we don’t think it is. It was like a reminder for me to not pick up my phone the minute I wake up, and to read and journal before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and TikTok.

I am now making a conscious effort to rest when I want to push myself to my limits. There is something so beautiful about resting, it rejuvenates and refreshes you. It puts your priorities back in place, especially when you may have begun to focus on new things. It allows you to let the quiet in and sit in the stillness. 

Although, I will say, wanting to rest is not my first thought. As we live in a competitive society where we strive to be the first, the best, and the greatest at everything (I mean just look at the Olympics), taking time out of our busy schedules to stop and rest isn’t usually our first choice. However, sometimes it seems that God will sometimes take all those distractions out of your life in order for you to really be still.

So, to the girl who is resting, continue to do so, even when you would rather be doing something else. Sometimes we just need that little push from someone else to tell us that it’s okay to take a break, breathe, and take some time for ourselves. If the Father rested after He made everything set before us, why shouldn’t we follow after his model? I challenge you (and me) to rest for at least 30 minutes a day this week. Whether that be before bed, right when you wake up, or in the car, take time to be quiet and let the stillness refresh you.