To the girl who found her definition of sisterhood

As my sorority sisters finished up their preference round today and welcome our newest members into the sisterhood tomorrow, I think back to my journey through recruitment, sorority life, and sisterhood as a whole.

I have never been a girl’s girl, so the thought of joining a sorority was a big no for me. But, after watching my sister go through recruitment and finding her lifelong best friends, I thought I would give it a shot. As I walked through the doors of the house I would soon call home, I knew there was a feeling of peace, comfort, and simply home. 

I don’t remember much about sisterhood round of recruitment, but how they explained that sisterhood is more than the word itself, they called it “the Tuesdays.” The girl speaking talked about how sisterhood is the late night drives after a break-up or playing wii on the tv upstairs in between classes, sisterhood to her was about the ordinary.

So when I was initiated, I yearned for that ordinary joy found in this newfound sisterhood. As a freshman, you tend to make friends with everyone in your pledge class, bouncing around new friend groups to see where you really fit. Sophomore year, I lived in our sorority house and it was one of my favorite experiences. But, I won’t say I wasn’t nervous about it. I wasn’t super close with my new roomie who I was going to be sleeping 2 feet away from, and none of my close friends in the chapter lived in the house. I remember the first night I was there, I was ready to leave and drop the chapter because I was afraid I wasn’t going to fit in with my 49 new housemates. However, that quickly changed. I felt so at home, whether it was a Tuesday night watching Mamma Mia or deep talks in the three girl room, I felt comfortable at every turn. However, I was still searching for my definition of sisterhood.

But, when big/little happened, I knew this sisterhood was one that was worth sticking to. My sweet little Grace was a blessing I never expected, nor did I ask for. Grace pushes me outside my comfort zone every single day. She reminds me that there is someone who is always in my corner even when I feel alone. She also gave me my amazing grand-little Abby. Grace is one of the biggest reasons I still choose this sisterhood.

Then little did I know when I signed a lease for my junior year, the girl who cried to me during spirit week sophomore year would soon become my best friend. Who knew that sharing a bathroom and having a bedroom door that is approximately four feet from yours would be such a blessing? While my junior year was anything from perfect, Arinn reminded me that at the end of the day she was going to be there for me and never let me be alone, even when I made it very clear I wanted to.

Since I am not recruiting this year, it has been hard to see every single post on Instagram of my sorority sisters praising each other in their cute color coordinated outfits. But, I don’t think sisterhood is knowing every single girl in depth, because with 300 of us, that can be a pretty big ask. I don’t think sisterhood has to be acting like you love every single person who steps foot in the house. I don’t think sisterhood has to be a lot of things, but after years of seeing all sides of sisterhood I have finally come to a conclusion of my definition of it.

Sisterhood isn’t being best friends with every girl in your pledge class, sisterhood is having names as your reason to stay in the chapter. Sisterhood is the constant fight for the people around you. It is the 2 am facetime calls after break-ups. It is working your class schedule around your Tuesday lunch chats. It is celebrating internships and picking out outfits for first day of school pictures. It is going to a coffee shop with the intent of studying and talking the whole time. It is Sonic runs at least once a week. Let me promise you that sorority life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, just like every other part of life. But, if you find the people who make each day better, they will become your reason to keep choosing Greek life.

So, to the girl who found her definition of sisterhood, maybe yours is different, honestly it probably will be. No one person’s experience will be the same, and that’s the fun of it, we all have a different story to tell. Let me encourage you, if you are thinking about joining a sorority, take the plunge and find your people who are your definition of sisterhood. And if you are thinking about dropping your sorority, I’ve been in your shoes, but I know my people will always give me a better reason to stay and experience life with them. And if you have nothing to do with Greek life, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my experience in it, it isn’t always easy, but I know I found the right people who make it worth it.