To the girl who is TRYING to be where her feet are

This one has a long title, with a capitalized word and everything. And I’ll be honest, I am trying to be present in the here and now where I am. But let’s be honest, it is not the easiest thing in the world. So, let’s dive into that… shall we?

Staying present where I am hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me. I grew up worrying about irrational things that were 99% of the time never going to happen, but they took up a lot of space in my brain. So, while I was so busy being concerned with what could happen, I wasn’t able to focus on what was right in front of me.

As I grew up, I began to learn that being present is important for a multitude of reasons. I’ve now become more aware of my persona, my space, my surroundings, and who I am in the present moment. It’s called growth. Kidding! But, I am really trying to develop characteristics of the kind of person with no worries, never looking at her watch, and leaving the house to arrive exactly on time or maybe a minute or two behind. Instead, I am constantly checking the time, wondering what route to take at a certain time of the day, and leaving early enough to make sure I have at least 3-5 minutes to sit in the car and decompress before walking into an event. I am getting better and I do think that should be celebrated.

There are always going to be things about ourselves that we wish we could change or alter, because that grass is always going to be greener. But, as I cannot magically change my personality or the things I tend to focus the majority of my time on, I am going to love and accept the person that I am while working towards a different version of myself. 

With that being said, I am TRYING to be present where my feet are. That’s kind of my motto for this season of life. There are only so many things we can control in this world, so we may as well be present in that decision making. For someone who likes to know what potential outcomes will be and what the future may look like, it is not always super easy to be present. But, I also have to remember that the future isn’t promised and something today could change the outcome of tomorrow. Hints why we need to stay in the here and now where we currently are.

Whether this saying means the physical point of where you are standing or where you are living, try to be content there. Or, if you feel like “where your feet are” is more of what season of life you are in, what stage of relationships or friendships may be, etc. be there as much as you can. You may not be happy where you are in life at the moment, but you can find something small in each day to be content with. 

Remember, the big memories are built up of tiny wins.

So, to the girl who is TRYING to be where her feet are, do your best and don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t going to figure it all out at once! Read that to yourself Payton, you cannot automatically fix every obstacle life puts in your way. Find contentment in the little moments. Find joy in the sunsets, the new shade of lipstick, that text from your friend, the funny tiktok you watched, putting up Christmas decorations, etc. There can be joy in the peace and the knowing, and I challenge you to find it in the uncomfortable. You should be proud of yourself for just trying, that’s the first step to succeeding.