To the girl who is learning to let go

Moving on is hard, plain and simple. But it isn’t healthy to live in the past, the hurt, or the pain.

I have been struggling a lot with the whole idea of letting go recently. I don’t think anyone necessarily enjoys when people walk out of your life, whether it be their choice or not. But, when you get no say in it, you really have to figure out how to cope with something you never thought would happen.

Recently, I went through a break up, and I thought I was fine afterwards. I suppressed everything that I knew would hurt me when I thought back on it, yet I still couldn’t let go of it. I couldn’t seem to let go of what was said, how I felt, and the relationship itself. The breakup frightened me. It made me think I would never be able to be in another relationship again without breaking someone’s heart into a thousand tiny shreds. And when I began to reflect on that, I broke down.

I talked to my friend, and she reminded me over and over that it is okay to be sad, because it is hard to let go, especially when you had felt so strongly for someone. But she also reminded me that I am not only capable of being loved but I am worthy of it. And that was what I needed to hear, that I was worthy. I started to reflect, not only am I worthy of human love, but I am worthy of God’s love. 

I was watching a sermon by Joel Osteen online today, which was all about weathering the storm. He spoke about Paul, who had no one around him in times of trouble, but he still turned to God in his time of need. The pastor continually brought up the point that God only gives you what you can handle, and the people who surround you are there to help you in times of need. He reminds us that we are able to make it without the people who have left us, the friend who went behind your back, and on and on.

Hearing that made me feel at peace; it was as if God was saying it is okay to let go of the people who are no longer needed in your life. Some people are toxic, some aren’t there for the right reasons, or maybe it just isn’t the right time, but that is okay. It is okay to let people leave your life and not beg them to come back. Because, your life won’t change if you keep turning back and looking to the past. 

So, to the girl who is learning to let go, it can be hard and it sure as hell can be scary. But, let what is going to be, be. The forever friend you thought would stick around may leave, the relationships may not always withstand time, the Lord may take away the ones you love the most. Through all this, grieve, take time for yourself, block your ex on social media so you can start fresh, if that is what you need to do what is best for you. It is never selfish to make yourself happy first. Letting go is hard, and trust me, I am learning how to let people go at the exact same time as you.