To the girl who is complaining

It is easy to complain when life isn’t going well, especially during a pandemic. But that is not the mentality we are called to have. Yes, it feels good to let it all out and just vent about all the bad things in your life, but where is it really going to get you?

I understand that sometimes life gets hard and you need to tell someone what is wrong because I do that too. But, the difference comes when you are constantly complaining to everyone you meet or putting your “daily struggles” on social media. These “daily struggles” are what my dad likes to call first world problems. For example, you are really going to complain that you have to sit in your huge house with electricity, plenty of food, and Wi-Fi and all you have to do is watch television. That right there is what we call a first world problem. The thing that many of us seem to forget is how blessed we are. Most of us aren’t worried about where our next meal is coming from or where we are going to sleep tonight, we have all these basic necessities always accounted for. 

Now to the social media aspect of it all, our best friend and worst enemy all wrapped up in one. Social media was not created for the oversharing we use it for today. Like on Facebook it says, “Status Update” not “Tell the World Everything that Happened to You Today Update”.  We live in a world of oversharing where we think it is necessary to post every little thing we do. I’m sorry, but no one cares if you unloaded your dishwasher today. And I’ll admit I use social media, but I also make a conscious effort to not overshare.

So bottom line is, we are all going through things, especially right now. And I’m not trying to say that the things that are bothering you don’t matter, because they do. But, just remember we are all going through a lot during this pandemic and we all have problems that are important to us. Do I have a laundry list of things I could complain about right now? Of course, but I am choosing to take another approach to the things that make me want to complain. I am choosing to find gratitude in each day.

Beyond grateful for these two.

Being grateful is a way to change your whole attitude. When life is hitting hard and I want to complain, I switch my mentality. I find one or two things to be grateful for instead of complaining. Every morning, my friend Allison and I send each other 3 things we are grateful for, it ranges from music to our moms. This is one way that we start our day being accountable for each other and finding gratitude in the little things in life. 

Even the Bible tells us to be grateful and not to complain. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Paul writes “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Jesus literally calls us to do these three things; rejoice, pray, and give thanks. Nowhere in those verses did it say gripe and complain when life gets hard, but instead we are to pray and give thanks to God through the good and the bad. Just like in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The key words in this verse are “all things.” It is not just your successes you are able to accomplish through Christ, but the failures as well. We can do all things through him; therefore, we should rejoice and give thanks in all circumstances. Again, key phrase “all circumstances”, Jesus isn’t just with us during the good times, he is also with us when we fall and when we make mistakes.

So, to the girl who is complaining, try to be grateful instead. Complaining is not going to get you anywhere in life, except probably just feeling sorrier for yourself. Try to find three things every day, big or small, that you are grateful for. Write them down, text them to someone, text them to me, say them out loud; just do something! Also, if you find yourself complaining to someone, take a step back and check in on them. They may be the listener friend and not always have people asking how they are doing. We are called to rejoice, pray, and give thanks, so let’s do all those things. Let’s be grateful for what we have and what God has blessed us with. Find gratitude in everyday and I promise your heart will begin to change.