To the girl whose servant heart is on fire

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I have always thought that wanting to help those around me and put myself second to them was what everyone did, but apparently not. As I have grown up, I have learned the term “servant hearted” and I absolutely fell in love with the phrase. Being someone who has a servant’s heart is something so pure and wonderful to strive for. It simply means always wanting to put yourself and your needs after those around you and serve them. Having a servant’s heart can sometimes be tricky, especially now.

Never have I had more time to serve others than now, yet I cannot go out and do anything. This pandemic has caused servanthood to look a little different in this season. While I may not be able to go and physically serve others face to face, there are other ways to serve. For example, I’ve been praying for people a lot more, I have been facetiming friends and checking in on them to make sure they are okay amidst the craziness. I have also been making little snack packs and taking them to my church to help feed those in our community who need it. Even when it feels like I am not making an impact, I am. The Lord tells us in Matthew 25:40 “Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” These words from Jesus show us that even the smallest act of service towards someone else make an impact, as we are also serving Him as well.

My pastor has been saying that “love isn’t cancelled” during this season and that’s so true. During this time of uncertainty, a lot of things have been cancelled. I got a call last week that the internship I had planned for this summer was cancelled and I was so upset. But I know that things are going to get better because God has a plan. Although in-person class, formal, graduation, summer plans, trips, and so much more have been cancelled one thing hasn’t, and that is love. We are called to love each other, and it is so easy to do. Maybe you aren’t the type who is used to serving others, I challenge you to try it out. See what little ways you can serve someone in your community this week and see how your heart will change. And if you are the person who has been called to serve, keep it up! Be an example to those around you, because we can create a domino effect through serving and love.

So, to the girl whose servant heart is on fire, let that fire burn! Serving others is one of the best ways to give of yourself and it’s not hard! Call up a friend and check in on them, send someone a Venmo for coffee when you know they have an exam, or take time to pray for people who you know are struggling. There are so many little ways to serve each other so take advantage of them! Embrace your servant’s heart and know you are changing lives through the little things you are doing to help others every day.