To the girl who savors every moment

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There’s something about quiet Sunday mornings and spending the weekend with your friends. I think it’s some of the sweetest moments that are the ones that we sometimes take for granted the most. 

For example I didn’t realize how much I miss being back at college until I went back this weekend and spent all my time with my little and grand-little. We went shopping, drank too much coffee at brunch, and just really had good conversation enjoying the company of one another. Sometimes I think life isn’t about the big monumental moments, but it is the little ones that create the largest memories.

When I reflect back on moments like this weekend, I can almost imagine it like those TikToks where every second is a different yet beautiful frame. (If you don’t understand that reference, I am sorry, I’m half Gen Z and half millennial. It’s like a social identity crisis at all times… ANYWAY!!)

I just want to take this week to savor up the beautiful little miracles that each day brings, and I encourage you to do the same. It is so easy to focus on the bad and get in a negative mindset at the smallest inconvenience, but we both know that there is SO MUCH good surrounding us at all times, we just have to open our eyes to it.

So, let me share with you some of the small moments I have been savoring so far this week. Waking up on Saturday morning, one of my best friends and I spent at least an hour laying on the couch just chatting, laughing, and reflecting on our pasts and in complete awe of where we are today. I drove home down country roads with the sun hitting my face and was completely content with where I was in the present moment. Today I loved my mom running to the driveway to wave goodbye to me before work. Embracing the uncomfortable of stepping outside my comfort zone and having way more fun than I would have if I talked myself out of it. I have become so much more comfortable at laughing at myself, because what is the point of taking life so seriously anyway? We only have one life so we might as well make it the best one we can.

There are so many things that happen within each 24-hour cycle that sometimes slip through the cracks because we are too focused on other things that we may deem as “more important”. And, while they may be more time sensitive or legitimately more important in the grand scheme of things, I promise you that I will always be able to recall the small “insignificant” moments more than I can the “big important” ones. 

So, to the girl who savors every moment, if you were looking for a sign, this is it. Do all the things your heart yearns for. Love recklessly, say “yes” even when you are scared, and never give up on your dreams especially the ones you keep to yourself. Live life to savor every single moment, because if this past year has taught us anything, it is that we never know when your last moments will be, so why not make the ones right now count?