To the girl who is praising through the uncertainty

I tend to use the word “journey” when explaining life and all the highs and lows we tend to experience. Some people will use the analogy of a book or doors, but I like the idea of a journey. As we all know, when we embark on a journey, we always have some type of itinerary ready to guide us on our travels. But sometimes that itinerary meets the wind and just like that we are left in a place we never imagined ourselves to be in, and we have to decide whether we are going to accept the path in front of us or turn around and return to the spot where we began the journey.

So today, I encourage you as I am deeply encouraging myself to accept the path that is in front of you.

The term “uncertainty” itself just exudes bad vibes; it feels like all the negative things we have been experiencing the past 18 months. All we would hear was the phrase “in these uncertain times”, so it is no surprise that uncertainty seems to scare us, as it probably should. 

But what if maybe, just maybe, instead of giving up hope and letting go of all the hopes we had for this part of our journey, we give praise for where we are right now?

Now I know you are probably thinking, are you kidding me? You want me to find the good out of all the bad that could possibly come? And I know, is it crazy, but the key word from that question was “possibly.” The whole premise of uncertainty is that we don’t know exactly what is going to come. Yes, maybe something bad could happen but maybe something really good could happen too. We don’t know what is going to happen with uncertainty, which yes is scary!! BUT!!! Why don’t we try to change our mindset on uncertainty and become excited for whatever may be put in front of us? Because think about it, even if the outcome isn’t what you expected, it may be a blessing you never imagined experiencing.

I am the first to admit my first thought isn’t to praise for the possibility of what is it come. I want a concrete plan, I want things to go my way when I put my mind to something, but just like the wind taking the itinerary, God sometimes may have different plans for our lives. And I believe that God’s plan is WAY better than anything I could ever craft myself, so why would I be sad if what I wanted to happen didn’t because God was making way for something even more amazing to happen. This isn’t something that comes naturally to us though, we strive for greatness and for control, but when we sit back and let God lead the way instead of our own map we may just be surprised what is going to happen.

With that being said, let’s praise while we wait in the uncertainty of life. Life isn’t always going to be cookie-cutter and thank goodness for that. Think about it, could you imagine if every day was the exact same and you knew every step of the way what was going to happen? Even if you are a control freak like me, you know that would get boring. So praise God that He doesn’t make us live a life that is so predictable. Praise for the small victories and unspoken ones. Praise for the change in scenery. Praise for growing closer to people during time of change. Praise for every single tiny thing that is set in front of us. If I’m being honest there is so much uncertainty set before me right now, and as I began to catastrophize every single element of my possible future, I had to stop myself and ask, but why do I worry when God already knows my plan?

So, to the girl who is praising through the uncertainty, shout your praise louder, let it echo from the rooftops. It isn’t always easy and I’m not going to pretend like it is. It will be hard, and we will want to give up hope in what is to come. Continue to praise even when you don’t feel like it because even in the most terrifying parts of the storm the Lord is listening. I truly do hope the outcomes we want will be granted to us, but if not, know something even more beautiful is likely coming. So maybe it’s time to let go of your map and itinerary and let God lead, because the things He has in store may just be the steppingstone you needed to the next part of your journey.