To the girl who is busy

Busyness is a buzz word of our generation at the moment. It feels like people are constantly competing to see who can have the tightest schedule, who can get the least amount of sleep, and who can do it all while completely drowning. We seem to praise the idea of constant stress and never-ending checklists. We set insurmountable expectations for ourselves to accomplish things that when we get to the due date, we are disappointed in ourselves for the quality of the work or not doing it at all.

I listened to a sermon recently where the pastor spoke on the topic of busyness and hurry. He said that love is not compatible with hurry. Love and hurry do not coincide with one another. Hurry destroys joy when we are so focused on checking things off a list, we are not present with the people right in front of us. 

I’ll be honest, that was a convicting message to hear. I have begun a busy season of life comprised of work, balancing relationships, friendships, bible studies, the basic errands of life. I genuinely feel exhausted every day and part of me would rather feel tired waking up every morning than sitting at home and not doing anything. 

I feel as though I am constantly wishing for one extra hour in the day. Thinking that if I have one more hour, I’ll get all things accomplished that I’ve been putting on the back burner. When in reality, I would probably spend that hour with friends, watching tv, or doing anything but being productive.

Being busy and always in a hurry feels like a constant state of immense stress to me. When I feel like I am always rushing to the next thing, playing catch-up 24/7, or ending the day not completely satisfied, it is hard to find a balance. 

So, to the girl who is busy, slow down. There is no hurry and nothing fruitful will come out of your hurried experiences. Take intentional time to schedule events on your calendar, your google calendar doesn’t need to be full every minute of the day for you to feel like a productive member of society. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone in any way to show you deserve a spot. You matter, you deserve to be where you are, and you are already more than enough. I am reading this back and taking it all in, as this is a lesson I am very much still trying to learn. I challenge all of us to slow down, take some time to sit in the stillness, and being to try to find the balance where love can live, and hurry is pushed to the wayside.