To the girl who is getting it done

There are some things I love to do, the things that I get to do that feel like an escape from the world I am in day in and day out. I think it is safe to assume that you have things like that in your life too. Things that are your happy place when life seems like nothing else can go wrong. Those things are beautiful, but when those things join the never-ending to-do list you have created for yourself; it becomes hard to find the joy in them.

For example, to the girl who. I love this blog with my whole heart. If I didn’t, I genuinely would stop writing. If I wasn’t finding joy, comfort, peace, or a sense of understanding from it, I would simply quit. However, I do find all those things in every piece I post. I love working on this blog more than a lot of things in my everyday life. Seriously – if I could every waking hour into writing, building content, and all the things it takes to run a media company on my own, I would. This is truly my passion; however passions don’t always pay the bills.

Therefore, I put my passion project to the side while pursuing a career and attempting to find my footing in the “real world”. In all honesty, the real world isn’t what I expected. People always say the grass is always greener, and that couldn’t be truer.

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to be older. Rushing to be more mature, a tiny adult-like 6 year old walking around the world, waiting for my moment to walk across a graduation stage, get a big girl job, and all that would come when I would become a true adult. As I pressed through childhood into the teenage years, it felt like I could never stop to look around and enjoy where I was in the moment. I was wanting to get to the next step, to hit the next milestone, to be praised for the next accomplishment I would achieve. I have always had the mindset of focusing on the future, I never even knew where my feet were.

This week I was challenged to think about where my feet currently are. In Bible study, my friend told us to write down our daily routines and we talked through what we could either take out or add to rest, be closer with God, or help our community. Let me tell you, I couldn’t add anything else to my schedule if I tried. I am naturally someone who wants to be busy, but this season is something I have never experienced. I feel like I am in a loop right now where majority of my tasks I am doing solely because I have to. I am checking off a box, doing these in all simplicity to get them done. 

This season is one of repetition and necessity. I am doing what is necessary over and over. There hasn’t been much room for change or adjustment, which is okay. I truly believe we experience different seasons to learn different lessons, I just am unsure of what this one is teaching me, but we will get there, and I’ll be sure to update you on what it is.

My happy place has been put on the back burner and I find myself searching for some time to write after getting home from nightly activities or building content when I would rather be sleeping. Life is comprised of give and take. We are called to serve and at the same time we are also called to rest. The hard part is finding a balance in said things. We were never promised an easy life, so we should not assume everything is just going to be placed on a silver platter in front of us. But we should try to make the life we want, even if every aspect of that life isn’t exactly as we had hoped.

So, to the girl who is getting it done, please take a break. There is no fire, life will go on whether or not you get that one box checked off. I have to tell myself that a lot, that no situation I put myself will be life or death. You don’t always have to respond as soon as someone texts or emails you. You can take time and reflect on a thoughtful answer before responding. You can take a day of rest. Not only can you, but you should. In every word I type, I feel as though I am hammering them into myself. I have a lot of room for growth on this, and I am nowhere near having all the answers, but I’m here to say that I am trying. I am attempting to figure out where I am meant to be, where my time should be spent, and who I truly want to become. No one asked you to have it all figured out, I don’t care how old you are. You are allowed to make mistakes, as long you strive to work and become better from them. Life will never be exactly what you had envisioned, but there can always be beauty in the unexpected.