To the girl who is expectant

We are officially four weeks into 2023, which means a whole month has already passed yet this is still my first blog of the new year. This seems to be the theme for this season of my life, having all the intentions to do something, but finding/making the time is a completely different story.

As you all probably know by this point a new year calls for a new word to anchor into for the next 365 days. But, first let’s take a few steps back and review last year. Forge. (Need a refresher? Reference this link.)

I thought this was an interesting word to choose as many people assumed I was talking about forging a forest. And, if you know anything about me, you know that was probably not my thinking. Instead, I focused on forging a path for myself, unsure of what was to come but ready for whatever was placed in my way. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t think I fully forged as much as I would have liked. Maybe it is my Type A personality and my tendency to place goals for myself that are nearly unreachable, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with last year, although I cannot particularly place why.

In 2022, I attempted to forge a place where I could stand tall, call my life my own, and surround myself with those who showed genuine compassion and love. So maybe I didn’t check every box I outlined for myself, but I think I forged a pretty strong path to lead me into 2023.

Expectant. The newest word in my vernacular. My focus of 2023.

Expectant is another interesting one that we tend to not hear about a lot. Sometimes expectant feels as though we are putting ourselves above others, expecting people to do things and we are to just receive.

Expectant can be used as an adjective or a noun, but for this purpose we will focus on the noun, meaning “one who is looking forward to something” (Merriam-Webster). I would say that am looking forward to a lot in 2023. I am not completely sure what all of this will be, but I trust that this year is one that will bring change, newness, joy, intentionality, and greatness. 

I am also expectant for God to move. Here I want to share a short story with you all about community and faith. My friend and I were getting coffee this past weekend and I was so excited to tell her about my word for the year. I began to tell her all the things I am hoping, trusting, and being expectant for in the new year. She told me how she used to think it was wrong or scary to be expectant of God. It was kind of like acting as if we are greater than Him expecting Him to just move because we want Him to. We began to talk about how we are actually called to wait expectantly, trusting in God that He will deliver on what He promises. A sweet moment, showing that expectancy is not just of the world but of the Spirit as well. God longs to give us grace and mercy, not only are we expectant of Him, but Him of us. 

Change used to scare me. If you go back to when I first started writing almost 4 years ago, you will see how much I talk about change and control. But now, I find hope in change, joy in the possibilities, and wonder in the uncertainty. Not sure if it is my frontal lobe being closer to full development or if by trying, learning, failing, succeeding, and growing that I am able to figure out who I am called to be. All that to say, the expectant nature this year may bring also brings a large level of unknown. But honestly, I am excited for what is it come.

So, to the girl who is expectant, hold onto hope. Open your eyes to the things around you. Begin meditating on the small moments and have faith that what is meant to be will indeed come. It may not be what you expect, so let go of expectations. Every experience will be better than you imagined when you set that bar on the ground. You will find more happiness and genuine joy when you stop feeling disappointed by situations you made up in your head. I may not now what the future holds, but I know who holds it. Live, hope, and pray expectantly and just see where the year may lead. Cheers to a new year, a new time to reflect and praise. 2023, we are ready for you.