To the girl who is moving on

It feels like a long time coming to get here. A little over a year ago, I moved home with my parents to start my post-grad life. Here I am now, sitting in the apartment that one of my best friends and I live in writing this post.

I like to speak about life in terms of a book, there are different chapters, parts, characters, etc. As I closed out the last chapter, here I stand turning the page to the newest chapter that is about to begin! There is a lot coming up and I cannot wait to share those experiences soon. I would love to also make a chess reference about moving the pieces, but I know absolutely nothing about chess, so you’re stuck with the book example. (It’s just the writer in me, I can’t help it!)

Moving on — letting go – going forward; those are all synonymous in my book. I am physically moving on from the past chapter of my life and stepping into a new one. But, I am also moving onto new experiences and have new expectations for where life may take me.

My word for the year is expectant, and I can already see God moving in such miraculous ways… and it’s only March. 

My roommate always reminds me we must pray intentional prayers because God will provide for us. And we can see Him move even more when we are intentional about what we ask for. Setting my heart on being expectant, praying over the expectations I have for 2023, I can truly feel God moving in my midst. From quiet time to conversations with those around me to sitting in silence and taking in everything, I see the Spirit move.

I am truly expectant of this year and what is to come, it may not always be easy but we were never promised an easy life.

Not only am I continuing to be expectant, but I am so excited to move forward this year. When I started to the girl who almost four years ago, I hated the thought of change or really anything where I cannot control what’s happening around me. I am so proud of myself for continuing to grow and evolve. I now can take change by the horns and ride out whatever will come. I can tell you for a fact, moving in with one of my best friend is a move I am glad I made.

So, to the girl who is moving on, whether it be physically moving, moving on from a relationship, letting go of something from your past, or anything else; hold tight to the truth that there is a reason for the change. You are stronger than you can imagine. Grasp onto those who you love and lean on them when necessary during this process. Trust yourself and your decisions, you got this.