To the girl who is entering 2020

This year has been a lot, and this decade has been a lot too. But, focusing on the decade is a little too much to do. So, let’s set the stage for 2019. What a year it has been.

Last night, I was feeling some big nostalgia and decided to list everything monumental that happened during 2019. I automatically started with the bad when I should be focusing on the good. I read a tweet that said the beginning of 2019 and the end feel like two completely different years, and that could not be any truer.

The beginning of my 2019 comprised of a week off of school because I was sick with pneumonia. After I got back to school, I began to lose all connection to my friends since I couldn’t go out in any capacity (because of the pneumonia). Once I had no one to hang out with, I began to spiral into sadness. I cried all the time, was always by myself, and I wanted to leave college and just come home. But soon after, I began a relationship and fell in love. I went on a life changing trip that drew me closer to God. School was coming to an end and as summer began, I broke up with someone I loved. I also broke both of my elbows, so all together the beginning of summer was not my most exciting two months.

But, while all of that happened, I also went on an amazing family trip with all of my extended family. I started this blog and I had the opportunity to see a total of 4 Broadway shows throughout the year. I moved into a house of 50 girls and found my lifelong best friends. I got two amazing littles, I hiked through the mountains with some of my best friends. But most of all, I found myself.

This year may have been one of the hardest ones of this journey yet, but I wouldn’t take any of it back. I have learned so much in the past 364 days. I have learned that you don’t need toxic people in your life. I learned that even though you love someone, you may have to end up hurting them to make yourself happy. I learned that love is something internal before it can be external. I learned that being grateful for the little things helps you see life in a brighter light. I learned best friends come unexpectedly. And I learned that each year through all the hurting, tears, and sadness; there will always be joy, celebration, and love on the other side.

So, to the girl who is entering 2020, keep an open mind. 2019 may have been hard or it may have been your best year yet. But, whatever 2019 helped you learn, keep the lessons in your mind, but leave the rest in the past. Leave the hurt, the heartache, and the wondering. 2020 is a new year, a clean slate, a place to find yourself, love yourself, and learn to love those around you. 2020, bring it on, we are ready for ya.