To the girl who is letting God lead

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It’s amazing what can happen when you stop trying to control everything that is happening around you. Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions that usually last for a week or maybe two if you are really persistent. This year I decided to focus all my energy on God. Starting January 1st, I made it a priority to spend more time in the Word, praying, and journaling. But, along with that I decided this year I would give it all to God. Every worry, every praise, and everything in between.

I asked God to guide me, to lead me where He wants me to go and can I already feel the changes. He has taken away negative things that don’t lead me closer to Him. He has blessed me with people who show me His love and light every single day. I wake up every morning and cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for me. Everything I do I use to glorify Him. 

I was nervous about writing this post, that is probably why I have been putting it off for the past two weeks. In the society we live in we grow up being told not to talk about three things; religion, politics, and money. Why are we told to stay silent about things that are some of the biggest parts of most people’s lives? While I was in church this weekend, the pastor was talking about how we have stopped discipling others because we are afraid to speak up against those who silence us.

This is the year of discipleship. This is the year we go out and let God take us new places to meet new people. This is the year we grow closer to Him. This is the year we stop being silent for what we believe in most. I have so much hope for 2020, that the Lord is going to move in miraculous ways. It is time to stop being silent about our beliefs, it is time to speak up and share how amazing our Father is with others.

So, to the girl who is letting God lead, give Him the reins, let Him take full control of your life. Know that through all the highs and lows, the seasons that seem like they never end, He is with you. Let God guide your daily life and do everything to glorify Him. Allow Him to be more than just a bible verse on your Instagram story. Allow Him to be the center of your life and then you will begin to see everything changing in a new and wonderful light.